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Blimps Work for Events and promotions. Blimps from $461.00

Why You Need Advertising Blimps

Why you need helium advertising blimps is a factor that you must definitely trigger into your advertising and marketing equation, if you want to take a lead over your competitors, in your business.

It Does Not Matter What The Nature Of Your Business

You could be a giant conglomerate or you could be selling fast food in your area or on Main Street, if you want to be sure that you get people to look at your business, then one sure fire way of doing it, is with promotional blimps.
Are you aware of the fact that advertising blimps cover thousands of miles of travel, all across the USA? And in these thousands of miles that they travel, they are almost always, carrying some kind of message. And you know what the best part is? The best part is, people always catch the message on these giant blimps.

Why Do People Always Notice Advertising Blimps?

Why do people always tend to look at the advertising message on these balloon blimps? For the plain and simple reason, that these helium advertising blimps, just cannot help but attract the attention of people.
It is as if there is something magical about these blimp balloons. The moment they start to pass over, people stop whatever it is that they are doing and gaze upwards at them. And of course, in doing so, they also, intentionally or unintentionally – look at the advertising message or logo that is present on these blimp balloons.

Bingo, You Score Brownies

What more could you ask for than people looking at your advertising message, without forcing them to do so? In helium advertising blimps, you have a wonderful advertising medium, in which your prospective customers take a look at your advertising message or logo, without you having to twist their neck to do so.
This is unlike the other media like TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, etc., where you have to force your way into the minds of prospective customers, trying to battle for a place in their mind – amidst all the clutter of real life tensions and other scenarios.

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Get The Word Out! 14ft. blimps with artwork from $1041.00.

Some Of The Advantages Of Advertising Blimps

* Flying ambassadors! These balloon blimps are virtually flying ambassadors, of course, they can also be fixed to a point. You can be very sure that you will increase your brand awareness manifold with these promotional blimps.
* Tailor made to suit your business! People are always delighted to see these helium advertising blimps, as they are seen in so many different shapes, sizes and colors. Fact is, you can get promotional blimps, tailor made to suit your business needs. For instance, if you are selling hamburgers, you can get a giant blimp made in the shape of a hamburger, with the logo or name of your company, branded on the blimp. This will guarantee that your advertising blimps are 100% unique – also ensuring that you will get a great deal of exposure – as people love to see things that are different and unique.
* Cover a wide range! As these advertising blimps can be made to be very big, when they are afloat, people from over a wide range, can see them – and thus, they can also see your logo or advertising message. Thus, with these helium advertising blimps, you can be sure that you are giving your business far greater exposure. Of course, you cannot get the same mileage for your advertising money, if you were advertising with TV or radio or print.
* Definitely a highly cost effective advertising medium! A very big plus with these advertising blimps, is the fact that you do not need to have a fortune to keep aside to invest in your advertising budget. Even though you might have a very modest advertising budget, you will find that you would still be able to make promotional blimps, a very effective part of your advertising strategy. Fact is, blimp advertising is probably one of the most cost effective forms of advertising available today.

Advertising Blimps - 11 ft. blimp with logo from $725.00

Advertising Blimps – 11 ft. blimp with logo from $725.00

Give Your Company A Leading Edge

Of course, the competition in every business today, is tougher than it ever used to be. As such, you need to make good of every means that you get, to take a lead over your competition. And you can be sure that when you advertise with advertising blimps in Medford, OR, your competition is going to be looking up to you!

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